Concrete Coatings


Multiple Coating Options

Solid Color Epoxy System
100% Flake Broadcast System
Solid Color Silica Quartz System
Decorative Colored Quartz System
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Mid-Hudson Valley High Performance Concrete Flooring Solutions 

Garage Floors

Whether your garage floor is 5 or 50 years old, we can protect newer slabs or repair & renew older ones.


Man caves, children's play areas, storage... we have the solution for your finished basement floor.


Protect your porch and steps from deterioration while also providing a slip-resistant surface to walk on. 

Slurry System

Before and after of a slurry system used as an underlayment to fill damaged concrete and level the floor.

We also offer a Urethane Cement Slurry that is engineered to withstand steam cleaning on a regular basis. This is an excellent option for commercial kitchens and food processing facilities.

Repair. Restore. Protect.

Crack Repair

Do you have cracks in your concrete that are not only unsightly, but also pose a trip hazard? Ask us about our quick and easy process for repairing your cracked concrete.

Self-Leveling Slurry

A mixture of epoxy, silica sand and silica flour used to fill damage or low spots. This creates a stronger and smoother surface for us to apply coatings. A slurry can also be used as an underlayment for floating floors if the substrate is damaged or not level.

Pitting/Spalling Repair

Has your concrete progressed into a cratered and crumbling surface that seems to get worse year after year? Our Slurry System will fill, seal and create a smoother surface which cures harder than concrete.


Did you know that your block, brick or concrete foundation does not have to look so drab? Add a decorative look to accent your home with one of our many flake color options. Not only will your foundation look amazing, but it will have a coated layer of protection against the elements.

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