Solid Pigments are used for pigmented resinous flooring systems.

Portion Control Colorants are to be used with cementitious overlays. The colors on this chart are represented as closely as possible. Variations should be expected due to differences in substrate condition, thickness of application, speed of curing, blending of colors, application method and color of initial primer coat.

CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain creates a mottled, uneven, translucent coloration effect on cementitious surfaces such as concrete overlays and conventional concrete. The natural, aged-looking coloring process is so authentic that the look rivals that of weathered stone, slate and marble. With CHEM-STONE™, color is achieved when the combination of metallic salts and slightly acidic solution come in contact and react with the minerals in concrete. This results in a color reaction so unique that it cannot be duplicated by other coloring methods. CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain is not a coating or film building resin. Therefore, the color becomes a permanent part of the surface which not chip, flake or peel and only wears when the concrete surface wears.